As a business owner, you probably have a CPA, an attorney, a financial planner, an investment advisor, an insurance agent, a business coach, etc. Chances are, none of them have ever helped a business owner develop and implement an exit strategy…and that’s ok. Each of them holds key pieces of intimate information about your business operations that are essential to the development of your exit strategy. One of the key focuses of the Legacy Hand-Off™ process is that we bring together your individual advisors and organize them into a cohesive team that is educated and focused on the exit planning process. This teamwork is critical to your success in leaving your business on time, and on your terms.

One of our business owner clients recently said to us “The first time we sold our business, it was important for us to get the highest sales price possible, but the second and third times that we sold our business, we realized that the tax-effected number was significantly more important and we were able to appreciate a much higher yield.”

Most of our business owners do not get a second chance to sell their business. The Legacy Hand-Off™ Exit Planning process is designed to maximize and capture the equity from all aspects of the sale or transition on the first and only attempt. For most business owners, this is a once in a lifetime transaction that must generate a significant stream of income during retirement, or, for clients moving on to other business interests, maximize their income while they are pursuing other opportunities.