A 2nd Opinion™ is a fee-based service that provides clients a comprehensive review of their existing wealth, legal, and tax planning. We combine our expertise in life insurance with a team of CPAs, wealth managers, and attorneys to review, assess, and grade the client’s existing life insurance policies, wills, trusts, and other legal documents, as well as tax returns, in a holistic manner.

Far too often, we find that life insurance professionals, wealth managers, CPAs, and attorneys work independently to serve what they honestly believe to be the client’s best interest; however, no single one advisor has the “full picture” of the client’s circumstances and objectives.

A 2nd Opinion™ helps to ensure that all of the hard work and planning that clients and their advisors have put in place works symbiotically to accomplish the client’s individual and unique goals and objectives. We provide a report card, along with recommended action items, that they can then take back to their existing advisors for implementation.